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Profiles for Students that Graduated

Dorothy Chegem   - Bachelor of Development Studies 2013/2014 – 2015/2016                

A message for gender mainstreaming directorate and Carnegie cooperation of New York;

First and far most, allow me express my inner most feelings for the gratuitous help that you offered to me during my Academic experiences. I am privileged to say it went on successfully through your timely and parental aid and initiatives. While in the forum of Academic endeavors, I learnt to work tirelessly and with a mind to appreciate diverse social, political and economic backgrounds of all people most especially women. In addition to the above, women have a greater contribution to the society as indeed mistaken vastly by the majority. Therefore it is behind this background that I sincerely give my inner most appreciation to you for truly promoting girl child education at higher institutions of learning in the country for gender equality.

Secondly, an appreciation to the Carnegie cooperation of New York for female venture scholarship offered to female students in Uganda particularly studying in Makerere University, it is most important for me to express the wishes of the majority learners at school because a great number may easily forget to voice and express this. With the help achieved already at this stake, all among your beneficiaries stand at the top of their voices to say thanks, whatever remains as their contribution currently is again to express the sentiments of joy and they wish that God protects all of you and that your efforts goes successfully.

It is solemn to inform you that the chances for further scholarly help if granted to me easily shall never be abandoned due to the greater advantages that are attained for the good and the betterment of our society. To precisely site out, the knowledge obtained during your scholarship offers greater benefits to our society and mostly to our socio- political matters affecting the females in our region. Am further interested in innovative and experiential learning in any field if granted an opportunity.

Once more I must say thank you and God bless all the efforts that you offer to our people, may He grant you the better health of mind and body, God bless you and all your people!!!!!

Nakato Irene’s Auto Biography – Bachelor of Industrial Chemistry 2013/2014 – 2015/2016

My name is Nakato Irene aged 22 years and a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in industrial Chemistry .I come from Busunju a small village in Mityana district, I completed primary leaving examinations from New quality primary school Busunju, then I joined Buloba High school for my Uganda certificate of education later I went to St. Marks College Namagoma for my advanced level of education luckily enough I got a helping hand from Carnegie Corporation of New York under the Female Scholarship Foundation which enabled me to attain a Bachelor’s degree from Makerere University

My dream is to be a job creator and own a juice company that will enable me to serve people in my country and the world at large through employing the young generation since I got my hands on skills from food science and technology incubation Centre during internship so I want to put together and combine chemical techniques with culinary skills to create flavor experiences and pioneer new flavor profiles and food pairings because in our country all the flavors are being imported so now am looking at getting a scholarship to attain a master’s degree in food science and technology so I can put my goal in practice

Thank you for choosing me for the scholarship and I look forward to discussing my opportunities with you

Makerere University Female Scholarship Foundation Graduates 85 female students



Makerere University Council in 2010 established the Makerere University Female Scholarship Foundation (FSF) supported by Carnegie to sustain the Female Scholarship Initiative.FSF is supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York with USD 1 Million as matching grant for bright but disadvantaged girls to study at Makerere University. Out of the 88 students admitted for the years 2012/2013 – 2013/3014 admissions, 85 students graduated which is a 97% graduation rate. The students’ profiles can be accessed under scholars on our website. The photos below captured the moments for the various graduation cohorts.

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