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Mr Alfred M Namoah

Mr. Namoah holds a Master of Development Studies in Project Analysis, Agriculture and Rural Development, Human Resource Management and Theories of Strategies of Economic Development from University College Dublin, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Psychology from Makerere University. Mr Namoah, who is currently the Academic Registrar of Makerere University, served in various capacities. From 2006 to 2009 he served as Deputy Registrar, School of Graduate Studies, 2001 to 2006 as Senior Assistant Registrar, Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics Regional Project, in as undergraduate Admissions and Records Division, and in 2000 as Senate Division, Academic Registrar’s Department, Makerere University. January 1999 – July 1994 Mr Namoah was Research Coordinator, Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development, Programme Coordinator, Kiteezi Centre for the Disabled, a Community based Organisation catering for the improvement of the welfare of children with disabilities. 1992-1999 Head of Certificate Course in Social Development, Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development, and from 1992 – 1999 Lecturer, Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development.

Prof Ruth Mukama

Prof. Mukama is currently a professor of Linguistics at Makerere University. She has a B.A in English Language, History and French from the University of East Africa and a D. Phil in General Linguistics from the University of York, England. Prof. Ruth Mukama has been a champion of gender and women’s empowerment initiatives in Makerere and in Uganda. She was a founder member of Action for Women in Development one of the pioneer women NGOs, founder member of the School of Women and Gender Studies and the Gender Mainstreaming Directorate of Makerere University. She has held various leadership positions as a member of Senate, Council, first female Dean and Head of the then Gender Mainstreaming Division. As a professor, she has edited and published widely and mentored many students and staff in professional and personal growth. Prof. Ruth Mukama is renowned for her eloquence in various languages including Kiswahili, and for her candidness and passion to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

Dr Katherine Namuddu

Dr Namuddu is the Vice Chairperson of Makerere University Council and an independent consultant, with a PhD in Science Education, Master of Science in Biology, Master of Arts in Science and Early Childhood Education, all from Columbia University, New York; and a B.Sc in Biological Sciences, Makerere University College. She is a former team member of the Rockefeller Foundation team working on the Urban Financing Innovations Search. As an independent consultant, Dr Namuddu worked in the mid 1980s with the Aga Khan Foundation on projects introducing information and communication technologies in the classroom in Kenya and with World Bank and USAID missions to develop strategies to rehabilitate the education system in Uganda. In the late 1980s to early 1990s Dr. Namuddu set up the Minds Across Africa school project in Uganda, in an effort to encourage school children and teachers to write for publication. She represents Makerere University Council on the FSF Board.

Mr Ali Mufuruki

Mr Mufuruki is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Infotech Investment Group LTD of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He is a founding partner of East Africa Capital Partners based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is also a founding Chairman of the CEOs Roundtable of Tanzania. He was the Chairman of Air Tanzania Company LTD from 2002-2007 and Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of the Tanzania Central Bank from 2008-2011. Since 2009 he has been trustee of the Board of ATMS Foundation in the Netherlands. He has been the Director of the Board of Technoserve, Inc of Washington DC since 2006. He is a founder and Chairman of the Africa Leadership Initiative East Africa; Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute Class of 2001. He holds a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering Design (Reutlingen, Germany 1986).

Dr Charles Mbire

Dr Mbire is a Ugandan businessman, entrepreneur and industrialist. He studied business and economics at Essex University in the UK. He went on to obtain an MBA from Leicester University, also in the United Kingdom. His investments range from telecommunications, finance, energy, real estate, pharmaceuticals and transportation. Mbire is part owner and member of the Board of Directors of the following Ugandan businesses: Afro Alpine Pharma Limited; East Africa Fish Farming Limited; Ecobank Uganda Limited; Eskom Uganda Limited; Invesco (Uganda) Limited; MTN Communications Uganda Limited; Polino Holdings Limited; Sunco Investments Limited; Bomi Holdings Limited; Rift Valley Railways; Chui Investments Limited, an investment company specializing in small and medium-sized power stations in Uganda. Mbire was appointed Chairman of Uganda Securities Exchange in 2010. He is also a member of the Presidential Investor Roundtable, an elite group of businesspeople who advise the President of Uganda on how to improve business competitiveness and business conditions in the country. Mbire is also East African Business Advisor to the IMF.

Ms Diana L Ofwona

Ms Ofwona holds a Master of Arts degree in French and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from the University of Nairobi in Kenya. Her work experience in socio-economic development policy and planning spans over 20 years at senior management level. Diana, who is currently UN Women’s Regional Representative for Central Africa, based in Kigali Rwanda, has served in various capacities in different parts of Africa and the United States, including as Special Advisor to the UN Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Regional Director for Africa (2006 – 2008); UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Niger (2004 – 2006); UN Senior Policy Analyst for Southern Africa based in Pretoria, South Africa (2002 – 2004); UN Regional Advisor on Gender & Development for the Great Lakes Region (2000 – 2002) based in Kigali, Rwanda; National Coordinator for the Advancement of Women in Kenya (1998 – 1999); Regional Programme Officer for the African Academy of Sciences and African American Institute (1994 – 1997), as well as Principal Administration Officer of the Union of National Radio and Television Organizations of Africa (URTNAPEC) in Nairobi, Kenya between 1991 and 1993. Diana has served in numerous boards and committees, most notable among them being her appointment, in 2006, by the UN Assistant Secretary General
and UNDP Director of the Regional Bureau for Africa (RBA) to a UN high-level Strategy and Management Review Panel commissioned to develop a new strategy for UNDP in Africa. The special panel was also mandated to propose the supporting institutional framework and human resource capacity for the implementation of the UN Strategy for Africa.

Prof Catherine Odora Hoppers

Prof. Hoppers is an alumna of Makerere University and a lawyer by profession. She is South African based Ugandan scholar and public intellectual. She holds the South African Research Chair in Development Education and is a scholar, policy specialist, and public intellectual on issues of international development, education, North-South questions, social policy, disarmament, peace, and human security. She has served as a continental expert under the auspices of the African Union and provided support to African Ministers of Education and Gender; a UNESCO expert in the area of basic education, lifelong learning, and on science and society interface. She was a member of the International Faculty of the United Nations International Leadership Academy (Amman-Jordan). As an expert of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO-Geneva), She has given support and leadership on policy formulation at continental and international levels on traditional knowledge and community intellectual property rights. She was a technical adviser on Indigenous Knowledge Systems to the Portfolio Committee on Arts, Culture, Science and Technology (Parliament of South Africa).

Dr Alex Coutinho

Dr. Coutinho graduated from Makerere Medical School in 1983, and worked with the first cases of AIDS Nsambya Hospital from 1983-85. From 1986-89 Dr. Coutinho lectured at Makerere Medical School. He then worked in Swaziland in 1989, where he started one of the first care programmes for people living with HIV. He also established the first occupational health programme for people living with HIV in the private sector in Swaziland. He completed an MPH from the University of Witwatersrand in 2001 and returned to Uganda that same year. From 2001-07 Dr. Coutinho served as the Executive Director of The AIDS Support organization (TASO) in Uganda. At TASO he was responsible for the scale up of TASO services for 100,000 clients living with HIV of whom 20,000 were on antiretroviral therapy. Dr. Coutinho is currently the Executive Director of the Infectious Diseases Institute in Kampala Uganda, the Vice Chair of the Board of the International
Partnership for Microbicides, a member of the SIDA Africa Regional Advisory Group, and a member of the Global HIV Prevention Working Group.

Dr Thelma Awori

Dr. Awori is Honorary Consul General of Liberia in Uganda. She is a faculty alumna of Makerere University as a lecturer in the Center for Continuing Education. Dr Awori is former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, Director of the Regional Bureau for Africa at the UNDP she was Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Policy and Program Support, UNDP; and UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Zimbabwe. Dr Awori was also Deputy Director, UNIFEM, and Chief of UNIFEM’s Africa Section. She is President of the International Board of Advisors of ISIS-WICCE; Member of the Board of African Women Development Fund, Accra, Ghana; Vice Chairperson of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Peace, Leadership and Governance at Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe. She graduated cum laude from Harvard University, attained a Masters degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and received her Doctorate in Education (EdD) from Teachers’ College, Columbia University, New York.

Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu

On the 28th August 2012, Professor John Ddumba-Ssentamu received an Instrument of Appointment as Vice Chancellor Makerere University, from the Chancellor – Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera. Prof. John Ddumba-Ssentamu is a Professor of Economics and has made his mark as an Economics Guru held in high esteem. He holds a PhD in Economics from Makerere University, a Masters in Economics from the University of Waterloo Ontario – Canada and a Bachelors in the same field from Makerere University.

Prof. Ddumba-Ssentamu is the Chair of Makerere University Senate, Makerere University Management, and is a member ofMakerere University Council. The charismatic Professor is on record for spearheading the team that transformed the Department of Economics under the then Faculty of Social Sciences into a fully fledged Faculty of Economics and Management (FEMA), with substantial physical facilities and human resource capacity. This Faculty was later transformed into the College of Business and Management Sciences, where Prof. Ddumba-Ssentamu has been serving as the Acting Principal until his elevation to the Vice Chancellorship. He mobilized UGX 5 billion for the construction of 3 buildings that currently house the Schools of Business and Economics in this College. Prof. Ddumba, as he is commonly referred to, has served Makerere University in various capacities including Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences (1993-1994), Head of Economics Department (1994-1998), Director,Makerere University Institute of Economics (1998-2004), Dean Faculty of Economics and Management (2004-2010), Member of Senate representing the School of Economics and Vice Chairman of the Change Management Committee.

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