Focus Magazine 2010

  1. Towards gender equality at Makerere University and beyond
  2. Transformation from FemaleScholarship Initiative Female Scholarship Foundation
  3. Launching Makerere University Female Scholarship Foundatuion
  4. Engendering Makerere University Curricula
  5. Development of Gender Responsive Policies
  6. Gender and Leadership Project
  7. The Mentoring Men and Women for professional and personal growth
  8. Gender Equality Awards Dinner :
  9. Celebrating the achievements of 10 Female Professors
  10. Mainstreaming Gender in Planning Units (Sentinel Sites)
Gender Mainstreaming Directorate
Level 4, Senate Building
Makerere Unviersity Kampala
P. O. Box 7062 Kampala – Uganda
+25675 5797130