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Our Goal, Mission and Objectives

Our Goal

To promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in Makerere University and beyond.

Our Mission

To excel in providing a gender responsive organizational environment and to integrate gender in the functions of the University for the benefit of Uganda and beyond.


Our Objectives

The Gender Mainstreaming Directorate was established in 2001 with the mandate to mainstream gender in the key functions of Makerere University, namely: Teaching and Learning; Research and Innovations; Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Networking; and Support Services. Specific objectives of the GMD include the following:

Objectives mainstream gender in Teaching and Learning

  • To advocate for gender balance in access into the University, especially girls from disadvantaged backgrounds and those in science disciplines and contribute to the enhancement of quality graduates.
  • To support gender mainstreaming in teaching and learning through engendering of the University curricula.

Objectives for mainstream gender in Research and Innovations

  • To promote and advocate for the enactment and effective implementation of gender responsive policies in Makerere University.
  • To support gender focused research, post graduate training for female staff and promote women in leadership.

Objectives to mainstream gender in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Networking

  • To engage in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Networking with gender focused institutions/ organisations at the national, regional and international levels.

Objectives to mainstream gender in Support Services

  • To promote gender equity and equality in students governance and welfare in partnership with student peer trainers
  • To strengthen colleges and administrative units (sentinel sites) to mainstream gender in their work plans, programmes and budgets.

To ensure effective and efficient operational management and strategic planning, human resource management and financial management of GMD

Contact us

Telephone: +256-41-540184/541770
Mob: +256 712 422485
E-mail: msgender@gender.mak.ac.ug

Gender Mainstreaming Directorate,
Level 4, Senate Building,
Makerere Unviersity Kampala
P. O. Box 7062
Kampala – Uganda